Best Jio Fiber Broadband Plans

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Jio Provide Best jio Fiber Broadband Plans Monthly Basis as Per the below Table. You can Select Your Budget Broadband Plans as per Your Requirement. Jio Gigafiber has Launched 6 Plans.

Jio Fiber Monthly Broadband Plans

Bronze699/-100 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 250GB)
Silver849/-100 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 600GB) 
Gold1299/-250 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 1250GB)
Diamond2499/-500 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 2750GB)
Platinum3999/-1 GbpsUnlimited (Up to 5000GB)
Titanium8499/-1 GbpsUnlimited (Up to 10000GB)

Jio Fiber 3 Month Broadband Plans

PlansName3 MonthFeesSpeedData
Bronze2097/-100 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 275GB /  Month)
Silver2547/-100 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 650GB / Month) 
Gold3897/-250 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 1375GB / Month)
Diamond7497/-500 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 3062.5GB / Month)
Platinum11997/-1 GbpsUnlimited (Up to 5625GB / Month)
Titanium25497/-1 GbpsUnlimited (Up to 11250GB / Month)

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans for 6 Month

PlansName6 MonthFeesSpeedData
Bronze4194/-100 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 300GB /  Month)
Silver5094/-100 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 700GB / Month) 
Gold7794/-250 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 1500GB / Month)
Diamond14994/-500 MbpsUnlimited (Up to 3375GB / Month)
Platinum23994/-1 GbpsUnlimited (Up to 6250GB / Month)
Titanium50994/-1 GbpsUnlimited (Up to 12500GB / Month)

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