Best MTNL Broadband Plans in Mumbai & Customer Care Number 2022

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MTNL Broadband Plans in Mumbai 2022: You Can Find Here MTNL Broadband Customer care Number, Email, and Complain Number.

MTNL is the Best Broadband Service in Mumbai Location. MTNL Broadband Mumbai Provide Unlimited Data Plans 2022.

MTNL Provide Unlimited FUP Broadband Plans in Mumbai

Best MTNL Broadband Plans in Mumbai & Customer Care Number 2022

MTNL Broadband Plan Started from 600/- to 7999/- Rupees Per Month, Minimum 110 GB to 7500 GB Data, Minimum Speed 6 Mbps to 100 Mbps and FUP 1 Mbps to 5 Mbps.

Plan NameMonthly
Data SpeedFUP
BB-600-6M600160 GB6 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-600-8M600140 GB8 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-600-10M600130 GB10 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-600-12M600110 GB12 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-600-50M600150 GB50 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-600-100M600130 GB100 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-800-6M800290 GB6 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-800-8M800240 GB8 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-800-10M800190 GB10 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-800-12M800170 GB12 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-800-50M800220* GB50 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-800-100M800200* GB100 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-1000-6M1000460 GB6 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1000-8M1000380 GB8 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1000-10M1000310 GB10 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1000-12M1000280 GB12 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1000-14M1000260 GB14 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1000-16M1000240 GB16 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1000-50M1000350 GB50 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-1000-100M1000300 GB100 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-1200-6M1200610 GB6 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1200-8M1200500 GB8 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1200-10M1200430 GB10 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1200-12M1200380 GB12 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1200-14M1200360 GB14 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1200-16M1200340 GB16 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1200-50M1200500* GB50 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-1200-100M1200400* GB100 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-1500-6M1500900 GB6 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1500-8M1500770 GB8 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1500-10M1500700 GB10 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1500-12M1500630 GB12 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1500-14M1500600 GB14 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1500-16M1500580 GB16 MBPS1 MBPS
BB-1500-50M1500650* GB50 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-1500-100M1500550* GB100 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-2000-6M20001350 GB6 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-2000-8M20001250 GB8 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-2000-10M20001190 GB10 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-2000-12M20001110 GB12 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-2000-14M20001050 GB14 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-2000-16M20001000 GB16 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-2000-50M20001250* GB50 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-2000-100M20001000* GB100 MBPS2 MBPS
BB-3999-50M39993300* GB50 MBPS5 MBPS
BB-3999-100M39993000* GB100 MBPS5 MBPS
BB-4999-50M49994500 GB50 MBPS5 MBPS
BB-4999-100M49994000 GB100 MBPS5 MBPS
BB-7999-50M79997500* GB50 MBPS5 MBPS
BB-7999-100M79997000* GB100 MBPS5 MBPS

MTNL Broadband Mumbai Customer Care Number, Complain Number, Toll Free Number.

You can Find Here MTNL Broadband Mumbai Customer care Number, Email Id Address, and Hathway Broadband Complain Number & Toll-free Number.

MTNL Broadband Toll-free Number: 1500

For any Queries/Complaints please email us at:

Common Service Number: 1130 / 1800 22 1130

Wired Broadband: 1504 / 1800 22 8844

FTTH: 1130 / 1800 22 1130

Fault Booking: 198 / 1130 / 1800 22 1130

Know your Broadband unpaid Bill Amount: 1130 / 1800 22 1130

Broadband unpaid Bill Amount through SMS: Send SMS Bill < Landline No > to 51001

MTNL Mumbai:
15th floor, Telephone House,
MTNL Road, Prabhadevi, Dadar (West),
Mumbai - 400 028

Registered Office:
5th Floor, Mahanagar Door Sanchar Sadan,
9, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road,
New Delhi-110003
CIN: L32101DL1986GOI023501

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