Best Tikona Broadband Plans in Agra 2022

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Tikona Broadband Plans in Agra 2022: Tikona Provides the Best internet plans: you can Find Here Broadband Internet Plans and Unlimited Broadband Plans. Tikona Offer High-Speed Internet Plans on a Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Basis. View all Tikona Agra broadband plans, and unlimited broadband plans, and view all high-speed data internet plans.

Tikona Broadband internet Speed Started from 10 Mbps to 60 Mbps in Agra. Tikona Plan Started 399/-. Tikona Available Broadband Duration 1 Month, 3 Month, 6 Month, and 1 Year.

Latest Tikona Broadband Plans in Agra

Plan InternetMonthlyInternetFUPPlan 
NameSpeedPriceDataSpeed DurationPrice
STDULA_C810 Mbps399Unlimited12 Month5650
PREULA_C525 Mbps730Unlimited12 Month10337
PREULH_C525 Mbps770Unlimited6 Month6632
PREULQ_C525 Mbps779Unlimited3 Month3418
PREULM_C525 Mbps899Unlimited1 Month1651
PRIME_ULQ_DELSPL40 Mbps5988Unlimited12 Month8246
PRIME_FUPA_C540Mbps620140GB3 Mbps12 month8779
PRIME_FUPH_C540Mbps650140GB3 Mbps6 month5782
PRIME_FUPQ_C540Mbps679140GB3 Mbps3 Month2994
PRIME_FUPM_C540Mbps749140GB3 Mbps1 Month1474
PREFUPA_C925Mbps499200 GB1 Mbps12 month7066
PREFUPH_C925Mbps549200 GB1 Mbps6 Month5067
PREFUPQ_C925Mbps599200 GB1 Mbps3 Month2710
PREFUPM_C925Mbps699200 GB1 Mbps1 Month1415
STDFUPA_IND10Mbps399300 GB1 Mbps12 month5650
STDFUPH_IND10Mbps449300 GB1 Mbps6 Month3179
STDFUPQ_IND10Mbps499300 GB1 Mbps3 Month2356
TURBO_A2_C560Mbps830350 GB4 Mbps12 Month11753
TURBO_H2_C560Mbps870350 GB4 Mbps6 Month7340
TURBO_Q2_C560Mbps899350 GB4 Mbps3 Month3772

Tikona Customer Care Number Agra

Customer Care (Toll free) : 1860 3000 3434

Customer Care (Email):

New Connection: Apply online

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